Summer 2012: Indifferent

Yesterday’s weather was glorious! But I sat out in the sun too much the day before, like a dope, and burned my chest, so I stayed out of the beautiful sunshine and did a little art project with the girls. And today big roiling clouds are moving in, promising showers. And the girls have decided to spend the day in bed – a John and Yoko-type statement, possibly? – so I will hie me to the grocery store.

Beautiful day in Bowser….

And the art work we (I) did on that beautiful day:

Koalas in a gum tree!

So not a super-genius move on my part, even if the art is stunning. However, Justin and Mio went paddleboarding so they made good use of their day, whilst Hana went for a “swim” in 3 inches of water in the paddle pool. She got her hair wet, I don’t know how. Maybe she did a headstand in there. I was painstakingly cutting out small green leaves so I missed her adventure.

Paddleboarder plus 1 stowaway

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