I’m a person who has a lot of diaries around with one or two pages written on; so this blog is a personal challenge to test my perseverance. I’m super busy with kids, marriage, a business, and all the other things that women nowadays are meant to juggle seamlessly: health, fitness, beauty, cooking, gardening, crafts, volunteering, etc. thanks to Martha and her ilk. Christmas! Thanksgiving! Birthday parties! Gah! My mom always says, “You can’t do everything. Prioritize!” but that’s really hard to do as we all know. Let’s see if I can make this blog a priority. But as I tend to live in the moment as opposed to always documenting it, this could be a real uphill venture. But so far it’s pretty fun to self-publish on the web.

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  1. Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs. I will add you to mine later (only just started the blogroll)

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