So how was the picnic?

It was great! Um, I hear it was great. We were almost two hours late so we essentially missed most of it and then when we did arrive I was so stressed by being late that I was not feeling very social. I had all this food that I was too late to share. Talk about feeling foolish. So we had our nice teriyaki chicken/rice/salad meal, followed by cherries, then the kids took off to go swimming and coat themselves with sand. The sun went down at about eight and then the temperature was lovely and it was good for taking pictures. But by eight-thirty the last few people were gone. Awwwww…..

Beach Volleyball at Jericho Beach


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2 responses to “So how was the picnic?

  1. Nice shot with the ball in the sun!

    We’re glad you could make it and I would have eaten the food…..there was soooo much ice cream cake to eat. It worked though…yes?!